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Berigora Pure Copper Water Bottles

Tanner received the information about copper in meditation; the way it purifies water and the importance of copper in our blood. After the meditation Tanner began to research copper, and truth be told - the affects of copper do keep pure water pure. Stagnant water is what begins to grow harmful bacteria. Water is adaptable and how we treat it, is how it treats us. There are studies on this, water’s molecular structure changes depending on its environment. We are around 60-70% water; if we don’t respect water it will not be as beneficial to us. Tanner believes we should treat water with gratitude and store it in a vessel that keeps it pure. This blog post has more information.

Our 100% Pure Copper Water Bottles are available on Please click the image to enrich your health.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the bottle lacquer coated on the inside or outside?

No, it is not. We believe coating a product in lacquer, that will be around someone's mouth and water is not healthy.

Why does the inside not oxidize compared to the outside?

Copper does not oxidize just in water. It needs atmospheric oxygen. If we are keeping the lid on most of the time, it will oxidize differently from the outer surface.

How many ounces of water does the copper water bottle hold?

It holds 30oz of water. We recommend only using water with copper.

My copper water bottle has already discolored after shortly receiving it; how can I remove the oxidization on copper?

Copper water bottles will oxidize because we use high-grade pure copper. Many brands use lacquer coating or not pure copper. This confuses some people because when there bottle oxidizes they think something may be wrong. Nothing is wrong, it is the nature of copper. To remove it we recommend using baking soda or salt and lemon juice. Many of our customers let the outside oxidize into its own unique look!

Does the copper water bottle leak?

Absolutely not! In some high heats the water bottle may sweat.

Where is the copper vessel made?

Our copper water bottles are authentically made in India. The copper is sourced from India as well. Copper vessels have been used in the East for thousands of years. we wanted to keep this traditional origin. Our design was created in Canada.

How is a Ayurveda copper water bottle made?

It is a one piece mold. Touched up by our artisans, the rest is handcrafted and shined. There are no welds that may cause leaking.

How much water should I drink from a copper water bottle?

Over an eight-hour test period, our bottles released up to 0.5 mg of copper into the water they contained. Copper’s recommended daily allowance (RDA) is 2 mg, and β€œtoxicity will typically occur at much higher levels (200 times the RDA)”. We recommend filling it up before bed and drinking it in the morning.

Is drinking from copper poisonous?!

A lot of things are poisonous if we over consume them. We can even die from drinking too much water! Our vessels leach hardly any copper into the water. It is completely safe when used with care. The reason this rumor started is because of Moscow Mules. They have lime in them which is acidic. This will leach excessive copper into the water. We recommend only using water in our vessels.

Is drinking from copper good for you?

Yes, drinking from copper has a few benefits. It enriches the water with IONs, helps keep water pure, and adds copper into the water which has a range of benefits.

What are the benefits of copper?

Copper can help: Burn fat, Reduce inflammation, Improve skin quality, Stimulate brain activity, Reduce signs of aging, Increase energy, Boost immunity, Protect skeletal, nervous, and cardiovascular systems.

Isn’t organic copper healthier than organic copper?

Yes, there are studies that organic copper found in foods will provide greater cell growth. That said, inorganic copper still aids in cell growth. Copper water bottles are an addition to a healthy lifestyle.

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