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High Energy Β· High Vibration

Meditation Experience - Once a Week - Monthly Subscription

We all have problems that are keeping us from peace of mind and growth. What makes you different is you are ready to heal and change; are you not? Would you be on this web page if you were not seeking the next step in your growth?

You are ready to begin your healing journey.

This is a great opportunity to:

  • Change thought patterns

  • Receive creative solutions

  • Release past events or traumas

  • Experience peace of mind

  • Raise vibration

  • Heal negative energy

  • Free energy blocks

  • See unhealthy patterns more clearly (diet, exercise, etc)

  • Tune into the intuitive self

  • Embrace and feel the loving energy

Tanner connects to healing energy/frequencies to guide clients through an in-depth meditation experience and gives them support to continue with their home practice. A session with Tanner helps to calm the busy modern mind and teaches clients how to experience universal energy for their well-being and spiritual growth. After the meditation there will be a group discussion led by Tanner. So not just are we learning meditation but we also have the opportunity to talk about life issues. Just having someone to talk to can be all we need.

By signing up you will be added to an email list and then sent a Zoom link for the time you choose.

Tanner offers a price that is a balance of commitment and affordable for everyone. We understand that our health and well-being really does not have a price. By subscribing monthly we will undergo a transformation that will clear our minds to allow a variety of benefits.

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Tanner received the information about copper in meditation; the way it purifies water and the importance of copper in our blood. After the meditation Tanner began to research copper, and truth be told - the affects of copper do keep water pure. Copper has been used in vessels and piping for thousands of years - there is clearly a reason for this. Tanner believes we should treat water with gratitude and store it in a vessel that keeps it pure. This blog post has more information.

Our 100% Pure Copper Water Bottles are available on Please click the image to enrich your health.


A falcon is absolutely free. They fly high above at great speeds, observing the world with crystal-clear vision.

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