When we begin to understand that we are beings made of energy or light, we can then positively increase that light in various ways. At Berigora, we are dedicated to raising the energy of individuals so that, further, we can elevate the energy of our collective consciousness. We all have the ability to heal our mind, body, and spirit. Our 100% pure copper water bottle is designed to support that healing process. Copper contains many curative properties; water is the blood of the earth. Copper enriches with ions, combats bacteria, and keeps the water pure.

Our copper water bottle is our first manifestation. We will continue to inspire the benefits of healing. Please keep up to date on our blogs; the best way to do this is by providing your email. If you want to learn more about how you can heal mind/body/spirit, join Tanner in a meditation experience.

Thank you - we appreciate your support and admire your strength to make change.