How does the mediation work?

How does the mediation work?

This can be a hard thing to explain in words. Often, words can throw people off or conflict with other explanations of similar ideas. The best way to understand the experience of meditation is to simply join Tanner in a session and feel it. Feeling is very powerful; we do not always need to explain things. Once you feel something in yourself, it is now true to yourself. That is what’s important - being true to yourself.

Energetic Beings

To understand the meditation experience we must first understand that we are energetic or light beings. This energy is always flowing through our bodies and around us, creating our aura. Every living thing has this torus energy field around them. This experience is something we all have access to. Sometimes, we may lose our flow. It is simply a matter of reconnecting with that flow - rejoicing in the love and light.

The Start

Tanner first ensures his energy is clear and his mind is still. He starts by working up and activating each energy centre. After he is flowing, he will then begin to sense the client’s energy. This is always different and unique for each individual. Tanner will then expand his energy to ensure the room also contains great energy. After everything is feeling good, it’s time for the next step.


Every person has access to these guides and healing energies/frequencies. It is about having faith and healing so we can receive from them; these guides are masters of light and angelics. There is nothing to worry about at these high vibrations. Tanner will be guided throughout the experience so each session resolves uniquely for each client. Every client will go through different things; many say they feel a peace of mind or deepness within they haven’t felt before.

The Flow

The flow is a connection - a connection to the source, that piece of the source within us, and that of the earth. The energies of love/light flow into Tanner from beneath and above. Meeting at the heart where they are then transmitted to the client, clearing and healing their energy field.


There is no saying what the client will experience at these levels. Everyone is so very unique. Every process of healing is authentic. Some things we may expect are:

  • Change thought patterns

  • Receive creative solutions

  • Forgive past events or traumas

  • Feel peace of mind

  • Raise vibration

  • Heal negative energy

  • Free energy blocks

  • See unhealthy patterns more clearly (diet, exercise, etc)

  • Elevate consciousness

  • Simply embrace and feel the loving energy


There are many different things that can keep us from reaching peace of mind. We all have different events, thoughts, or traumas that may stick with us at an energy level. Maybe even things that are not ready to reveal themselves. If the process of seeking change resonates with you, that is amazing. For anyone who begins the healing process, their strength is admired greatly.

When ready, join Tanner to further understand and experience these feelings.

Love and light to you.

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