How To Clean A Copper Water Bottle Vessel


Copper water bottle will oxidize and form patina. This is how we can tell that a copper vessel is pure copper. Any vessel that does not oxidize is likely low-grade copper or is coated in a lacquer coating. At Berigora we do not coat our bottles in lacquer. We believe coating something in lacquer may not be a healthy practice around our water, hands, and mouth. Who know’s you may even have a mini statue of liberty one day ;)


Lemon and A Cloth

Lemon and a cloth is easiest method to clean a copper vessel. It is a natural way to remove the oxidization. Simply squeeze some lemon on the bottle and begin scrubbing. Within no time the oxidization will be removed. Oxidization will occur soon after; many of our customers choose to go with the flow of nature and let it oxidize. It will look awesome!


Squeaky Lid

Sometimes the lid can get squeaky. This can be helped by cleaning out the oxidization with lemon and a cloth. Return the shine to the inner threads and this will help with the squeaking.

Cleaning The Inside

We recommend cleaning the inside with some salt and lemon juice. Shake it up, either let it sit for some time or dump it out. We also recommending disinfecting frequently. Although copper may fight bacteria, it is still healthy to be safe and sanitize the inner vessel.

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