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Becoming an Amazon affiliate is easy.

First step is to sign up for Amazon Affiliate program. This program is great. It earns an average of 3% a sale. 10.7% is the average profit for a business. So to earn 3% of product sales is pretty darn good! The awesome thing is; if the seller clicks your link for a product, then fills their cart with other products, you will receive a percentage of all of these sales. Not just the product you linked to. Even if they didn’t buy the original product, but bought products in the same session. The affiliate still gets the reward.

Getting A Product URL

Once you have signed up for Amazon Affiliate, search a product here;


For this demo I searched Copper Water Bottle. You can see our Berigora Water Bottle comes up. Click the little arrow beside “Get Link”. This is the fastest way to get a link.


Now I recommend shortening the link;


Now highlight, copy, and save the shortened link. This is now the link you will use to promote! It is that easy.


Instagram Swipe Up Link

This is a classic and the easiest to do! On Instagram you can state why a product is your favorite, hype it up with some facts, and then ask your followers to swipe up. Make sure to include the affiliate link from Amazon that we just generated. Every sale from the users who swipe up will earn income.

Create a Instagram and Facebook Shop

I have this set up on the Berigora Facebook page. I can now tag products for my Instagram photos. Within 3 clicks someone can purchase an item. This is awesome! To set this up, link your Facebook page and Instagram together as business accounts. Add the product to your Facebook shop; use the images and description from Amazon. Make sure the checkout URL goes to the Affiliate link we created. It may take a few hours to process.

Once it has processed go to Instagram settings > Business > Shopping > and confirm the account and products are linked with Facebook. You can now tag products on your Instagram! This is a great way to earn extra money if you have a lot of followers.

This blog outlines the steps nicely as well. Remember you want to always use the URL you generated from Amazon.

Link Tree

Use link tree for your Instagram bio. Then you can link your favorite products right there. For example “My Top 5 Products” Then have 5 Link Tree products that all direct to different Affiliate URLs.

Blog placement

You can actually place an Amazon image link in a blog post. To do this click the “get link” button on Amazon Affiliate. This will take users directly where you need to go. Copy the html code. Edit your blog posts html, then paste it. It’s easy. If you aren’t comfortable with html and want more customization - there is a solution. You could also create an image, then link that image to a web-page using the Affiliate link. Here is an example of HTML, pretty sweet!


For YouTube simply mention the product in the video and add your shortened Affiliate link to the description. Make sure to tell them it’s there!


A website is similar to a blog post. Create custom content that redirects to the URL or add the HTML directly into your webpage. Earth Mama Medicine did a great job of this. Check it out; Click here


Thanks for reading! We hope you consider promoting our copper water bottle. If you think your followers will enjoy it, Give it a try! If there is anything you would like me to cover more, please contact me directly or comment below!

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