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I was always a little spiritual, though I never truly dove into it until the last few years. I always had urges or feelings to do something more. When I followed my intuition, I realized things always worked out for the best. I would say I lived my life quite unconventionally. What was “normal” always seemed off to me. Feeling quite out of place, I went through a very dark state in my teens where I nearly ended my life. But even at my darkest point, I still had this quiet feeling that everything would eventually be okay. Early on, this gave me the knowledge of polarity - how darkness and light coexist. In the last few years I began slowly freeing myself from a lot of the conditioning that is ingrained in all of us. It started out with going to the gym and doing yoga. I felt so amazing after each workout; I started to question why I felt this way. This slowly led me into the direction of energy. I learned a lot from Nikola Tesla. This quote especially resonated with me and changed my life: “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration”. I began to do everything I could to further increase my energy; I’m still looking for more ways to do so. Through healing mind, body and spirit – self love - and mastering myself – I healed my emotional body, anxiety, and found peace of mind. Although I can always continue to learn and evolve, I feel ready to share my experience.

Diet - I grew up on pizza, peanut butter, and honey sandwiches haha. Eventually, I realized how much food affects emotions and switched to a plant-based diet. My reasoning is quite simple: The sun provides pure energy. Plants grow directly from that pure energy. Why would I consume an animal that is treated horribly, grown unnaturally, and is second-hand energy? Meat is not pure energy, so now I avoid it and feel amazing. Also, to kill an animal when I can get the same nutrients from an eternal plant just doesn’t sit right with my morals anymore. I recently tried Anastasia’s growth method for plants - the process felt so right and my plants are thriving! Click here

Meditation - Clearing energy blocks within my body was a very tough but incredibly rewarding process. The chakra system is a real thing, as I have experience it first hand. The way I view it, each chakra has its own emotional blocks, past experiences, and insecurities. While meditating on each energy centre, I began to gain amazing insights into my well being - things I can improve or work on. As each centre is unblocked, it appears to have an impact on my emotions. If I am ever feeling overwhelmed, I simply meditate. It brings complete peace of mind now. I think a lot of people take the brilliance of the human body for granted. Every part of it plays a role in happiness and peace. There is also the spiritual aspect of meditation; I will leave this part for the seeker to discover. Meditation, in my opinion, is the most important thing someone can do. It is the most direct way to heal mind, body and spirit. I believe if everyone simply meditated for 15 - 30 minutes a day, we would reach world peace. It’s almost impossible to articulate how the feeling of giving and receiving energy through meditation improves self-evolution. To be a vessel of great light and love is my goal.

Digital Age - I admit that I used to be consumed by video games. At one point it was all I cared about. I do not regret this because I met amazing friends through gaming and it was definitely a crucial step in my journey. That being said, I now consume a lot less technology. For most of us, it’s getting harder and harder to fully disconnect. The turning point for me was realizing how beautiful life can be outside of video games. Life is so much more rewarding than hitting that next rank up. The same goes for social media – I consume it far less now because I understand the business behind it - releasing users’ dopamine in order to profit from ads. That said, it is amazing to be able to connect with anyone in the world and share ideas. In the end, technology is about balance. I believe as long as I remember how amazing real life is, there’s no issue in utilizing the great benefits of tech.

Verbalizing Thoughts - This is one thing I really struggled with; I never expressed my emotions to anyone. Going to a counselor really changed my being. There is something about actually putting words out there that has amazing healing benefits. I remember having this nasty feeling in my gut quite often. When I vocally forgave all who may have caused me emotional damage, I instantly felt relief in this area. We hold onto a lot of past events within our physical body. Verbally expressing the impact of these events can free this energy. Special thanks to Bonita Summers and Caroline Kimoto (click names for link to their websites).

Cutting Sugar and Caffeine - I never really considered how much sugar I was consuming - I always thought those tasty granola bars were good for me. I was shocked one day when I went to the store and looked at all the labels that I expected to be healthy. Cutting sugar was a challenging process. I realized how it creates a false sense of energy. It’s artificial and that’s why I cut it out. The same goes for caffeine. I still love chai, so I don’t cut it out entirely. I think any quick fix inevitably has its side effects. So, I avoid these two. I would rather raise my energy in my being. Research cutting sugar transformations – it’s crazy to me how strongly sugar affects people while we still think it’s so normal.

Water - Consuming lots of water has also helped me immensely. I actually believe water is almost magical in a sense – it gives life to everything on earth. Have you seen how water reacts to different sounds? It’s truly amazing. The way frequencies affect water made me realize how they must affect people even at an atomic or energetic level – after all, we are mostly made of water. This is why I wanted to put the most pure water into my body by using a copper water bottle. If you want to learn more about the magic of water, I recommend Masaru Emoto's material.

Cutting Alcohol - This was another tough step; I was on and off with this for a long time. I have finally stopped. I am at a point now where I am confident enough that I don’t need to drink to hit the dance floor. ;) It’s wonderful to go out and have a good time then wake up feeling minty. Drinking never really made sense to me, but I still did it a lot. For me, I think it was just a confidence thing. In situations where I wasn’t comfortable, I drank to get comfortable – I was just masking my insecurities. While studying Chinese medicine, I realized the importance of the liver. I think drinking was a major reason for my anxiety. My goal is to never harm my precious liver again.

Fountain of youth - Our life force flows through our veins. I think the most important thing is to make sure I have perfect circulation. The flow of blood circulates my Qi, thus ensuring all of my organs get what they need. There are a lot of minerals flowing through our blood, copper being one of the important ones. I believe the fountain of youth is actually within us – the speed of aging can be determined by our blood flow and how we communicate with our bodies. Learning to listen to my body was extremely important for me.

News, TV, Music, and Media in general - This is something I find I really have to be careful about. Sometimes I will watch a show and I can almost instantly feel how it affects my thoughts and emotions. So much fear and anxiety comes from media; I practically stopped consuming it entirely. Media is like anything, though – there is always polarity. There are so many amazing artists creating music straight from the divine, YouTubers sharing truth, and incredible movies cultivating inspiring. This is the stuff I love.

No fap - This is always kind of laughed about among my friends and I. Writing this, it's been over a year since I have masturbated. I think a man who masters his sexual desires can really achieve anything. Much like the gut brain, there's also a dick brain lol. It can be scary when all we can think about is objectifying people. Sex is one of the most incredible energy transfers we can experience; I can't waste that great energy for a quick high. This has cleared my mind immensely.

Positive thoughts - I truly believe my thoughts create my reality. It’s crazy what can pop into our heads sometimes. I always try to question my thoughts - why am I thinking this? Is this really “me”? I do my best to change any negative thought into one that's positive, or to give love to those negative thoughts. It's like “Be careful what you wish for”, except it's with every thought. If I'm optimistic and possess the strength of will, I can do anything. Gossip and judgment is also very common; I try my best to avoid it. In speech and in thought, I have a list of affirmations I say out loud every day. I think this is a very great practice. I am…

Following my heart - Only when I began healing could I live my life through my heart - living as my true self, whole and comfortable. The heart will take me exactly where I need to go. It already has, and will continue to do so. Ping by Stuart Gold is an amazing story of a frog who follows his heart.

Energy and Vibrations – what do these things even mean? To me, energy is the deeper connection to all that there is. It's the hidden life force that connects us to everything. It's not just flowing through our bodies but is all around us, creating our “aura”. When we raise our energy, this connection becomes clearer. With this ascending energy, we can raise our vibration. In my experience, these high vibrations attract similar vibrations - like attracts like. When vibrating at high levels with an open heart, we don't even need to speak to make a difference.

I created Berigora as a brand to inspire the benefits of healing the mind, body and spirit. There are a lot of small things that will snowball into peace of mind, joy, light, and love. I have a vision of where I will take Berigora; I will put all of my energy into making my vision come true. Every person who supports Berigora is supporting this vision. I can't thank you enough. :)

Imagine if the world was made of 7 billion versions of yourself? What would this world be like? How would you change it? If we want to change the world, we must look within.

This is my experience, which may or may not feel right to the reader. That is because it is my experience. Seek within yourself and your experience. There are an endless amount of opinions and ways to explain the same thing. To me, the essence of life can be put into a few simple words:

To seek love and light.

If any of this resonates with you, feel free to join me in meditation, and feel the energy. :D

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