I want to tell you about how amazing Tanner is at motivating people. I have never met him in person, actually. We've been part of the same digital community for some time and I noticed how he was always positive and supportive with other members. Even though things were not going too well at times, Tanner would always brighten it up for everybody.

At some point, being curious about where all that positivity was coming from, I told Tanner I wanted my attitude to life to be less negative and more like the one he demonstrated. We started talking and the result was rather startling. I used to be a chain-smoker, a terrible worrier and a really horrible person at times, which resulted in mangled relationships with other people quite frequently. After several sessions with Tanner I quit smoking, stopped worrying and started working on my human qualities. And I've made a lot of progress since then.

I know it sounds like I made an acquaintance with some dude online and he just helped me with my stuff by talking to me - and this is exactly what has happened. I don't know how he does it, but I've never met anyone with this kind of talent, for sure.


I had the awesome experience of doing two meditation sessions with Tanner. I found with his guidance I was able to go deeper than I have ever gone before. Tanner carries an incredibly positive energy, once you speak with him you will see exactly what I mean.

I'm a naturally skeptical person but I can't deny that since working with Tanner my meditation sessions have been deeper, more insightful, and more powerful. His guidance was very subtle which allowed me to experience it exactly how I needed to. I have a newfound appreciation for meditation and am excited to explore it further.


Feel free to share your experience!

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